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Anderson & Ferrin Attorneys at Law P.A : A Web Design Success Story

Introduction: Let’s talk about Anderson & Ferrin Attorneys at Law P.A., a law firm in Orlando specializing in divorce cases. They had a problem with their old website, but our web agency came to the rescue!

1: Challenges Faced:

  1. Outdated Website: Their old website looked old-fashioned and didn’t give off a professional vibe.
  2. Bad Colors: The colors on the website didn’t match their brand and looked unappealing.
  3. No Social Media: They didn’t have social media integration, so they couldn’t connect with their audience effectively.
  4. Slow Loading: The website took forever to load, which frustrated visitors and made them leave.
  5. Confusing Navigation: Visitors had a hard time finding what they needed on the website.
  6. Not Found on Google: The website wasn’t optimized for search engines, so it was tough for potential clients to find them.

2: Solution Provided: Our web agency came up with a plan to fix these issues :

  1. Fresh Website Design: We gave them a modern and professional website design.
  2. Better Colors: We used colors that matched their brand and looked more appealing.
  3. Social Media Integration: We added buttons for social media so they could connect with their audience better.
  4. Faster Loading: We optimized the website to load quickly and provide a smoother experience.
  5. Easy Navigation: We made the website easier to navigate so visitors could find what they needed.
  6. Google Optimization: We made changes to help them rank better on Google and be more visible to potential clients.

3. Results Achieved: The outcome was great:

  1. More Calls and Inquiries: The new website attracted more people interested in their services.
  2. Happy Visitors: Visitors loved the new design and found the website easier to use.
  3. Improved Google Visibility: Their website started showing up higher in Google search results.

By working with our web agency, Anderson & Ferrin Attorneys at Law P.A. improved their online presence and gained more clients.


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